Constance BK: A pop artist, unlished worldwide; Cameroon born Canadian

Being a musician or listening to music for some people is just a recreational tool but for the talented Constance Bk, music is her life and lives in her. The talented beauty who is a Cameroon born Canadian citizen has finally fulfilled her childhood dreams by becoming pop/dance/soul singer and song writer.

Her career started with just a simple ish!! as a baby, perhaps because she had not yet learned how to talk and could only hum along with music that made her a happy baby. But by the  age 6, she perfected her hum and words by performing her first solo in church encouraged by her grand mum who often described her as a song bird and a multitalented young girl.

However, her passion for music has inspired her to stive for more. She polished her performance by singing from small parties to big concerts and recently opened and performed live at the (Brackets) concert in Montreal. She also performed in march 2012 at the Miss Africa Crowning Ceremony in Montreal. Constance BK describes the stage as her second home, and  performed live at the crowning ceremony of Miss Cameroon etoiles in Montreal 2012. 
BK has appeared on the cover of magazines such as 100% jeune, The herald, Le Montreal Africaine and and she describes her music as fun ,youthful while at the same time signifying deeper meaning to it. The beauty has also featured and colaborated in the albums of local Montréal artist  such as Clinton sly .  It is no doubt  Bk`s heart is in pop/dance/soul and has humbly credited singers such as Whitney Houston,  tony Braxton, Lionel Richie,  Kylie Minogue  and many well known others.

In an interview she revieled she gets inspired by her surrounding, friends and real life stories; this was put to test  in her latest song (Set me free) which was well recieved on the net and social media site and can be listened to on YouTube. It is a dance hit song that will get nearly everyone from young to old dancing. 

When asked about her experience in the music industry , she says “you can be a performer but not an artist , but I believe am an artist, I have been researching everything I can about the music industry , I am also developing a total package including my image and my stage presence right down to learning how to dance.” 

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