700 Cars donated as offerings to Bishop Oyedepo’s church

From recent repots, it is alleged during the Cross Over service in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun state, worshipers made donations of over 700 exotic cars to the church. Those who felt they should sow a seed in the life of the prophet came to the cross over service with different donations, a high number of exotic brand new cars and SUVs flooded Canaanland and its environs.
The people who donated them dropped the keys and documents of the cars during offering. It is also reported that The Church auctioned the cars, some went for as less as N300k to its members. 

20 suspected internet fraudsters arrested in Benin

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested twenty suspected internet fraudsters. The arrest, which was carried out in a joint operation with officers of the 4 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Benin, followed intelligence report on their activities. They were nabbed in a surprise raid on their Cyber office tucked in an old building located on Siluko Road, Benin City. ∙ At the point of arrest, the fraudsters had in their possession forty five (45) laptops of different make, twenty eight (28) telephone sets, eight telephone.

Cameroon news: Cameroonians arrested for robbing chinese business man

Three suspected bandits; Ibrahim Nsangou Wandji, Mohamed Nforen and Ibrahim Garba have been caught with a toy gun.

They were arrested behind the Fire Fighters Brigade in Akwa on Thursday at about 11:30am. They have just raided the residence of a Chinese businessman, Zhang Jianhe and were about dispossessing him of some items when occupants up the storey began screaming. Before they tried to escape, surrounding neighbours and other residents closed up on them, helping police on routine patrol to arrest them. On hand was a toy gun they had used to frighten their victim. 
Zhang told the police that on December 29, five armed robbers broke into his residence and collected the sum of CFA 3 million F, a mobile phone valued at CFA 650.000 and the keys of his vehicle of mark M.L. The men claimed to have assaulted him last December. With the toy gun, the three were taken to the judicial police for investigations to completely dismantle the gang.


The human rights situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo still remains very questionable. National elections were chaotic and marred by state security forces attacking opposition candidates, journalists and ordinary citizens. Incumbent President Joseph Kabila claimed victory, but election monitors said the results lacked credibility.
Attempts to protest were brutally suppressed, and the main opposition candidate was put under nominal house arrest. In the east, the military and armed groups continue attacks on civilians, including rape and killings. A few perpetrators were prosecuted, but Bosco Ntaganda, an army general wanted by the International Criminal Court, remains free while his forces continue to commit atrocities.

A Cameroon born Dean killed in tow-truck accident

Dr. Elias Konwufine, called “Dr. K” by many of his students and colleagues, was the dean of Kaiser University’s business school. Originally from Cameroon, Konwufine earned three advanced degrees in the United States. He was killed Jan. 16 when his white Mercedes was being towed from the front of his home.
The family of Elias Konwufine, an associate dean at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Broward Circuit Court against the towing company they say caused his death outside their Lauderhill home last week.

The lawsuit seeks damages from Superior Lock & Roadside Assistance LLC, doing business as Capitol Towing, and a driver identified only as John Doe.

Konwufine, a 38-year-old father of three small children, was run over by his own car after the tow truck driver ignored his pleas to stop the process and “gunned” his truck trying to leave, according to the suit.

Konwufine “grabbed hold of the tow truck as it began to leave because as the tow truck left it swerved into him and was going to run him over,” the complaint states.

He was then dragged by the accelerating truck for several hundred feet, after which Konwufine could no longer hang on and fell under the wheels of his white Mercedes-Benz, the complaint states.

He died at a hospital.

Lauderhill police are investigating Konwufine’s death.