Educational: How to spot a sociopath

According to Mike Adams (2012), Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities. They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior. Wherever they go, they create strife, argument and hatred, yet they utterly fail to see their own role in creating it. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.

10 signs for spotting a sociopath
#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.
#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.
#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.
#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.
#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.
#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.
#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

Cameroon News: Up to 109 SONARA workers were decorated with Medals

Photo credit: The Post; Minister decorating a worker
On Monday May 6,  the Mister of Labour and Social Security, HE Gregoire Owona decorated some 109 meritorious SONARA (National Oil Refining Company Ltd ) workers with Medals. 

Happy recipients, a Labour Medal is awarded to a worker for loyal servuces rendered to an enterprise and the nation. It is a compliment for a job well done. You are receiving this highly honoured distinction on behalf of the President of the Republic, the number one Cameroonian worker, HE Paul Bya,” said Gregoire Owona. 

Photo credit: The Post; Minister Owona and Sonara staff after ceremony
The General Manager of SONARA, Ibrahim Talba Malla, disclosed, in his welcon address, that the 109 recipients were receiving a total of 115 medals. Forty-eight were in silver, destined to honour those who had served SONARA for at least ten years; 42 others in silver gilt for those who had put in at least 15 tears and, finally, 25 gold for 25 golden recipients who had served SONARA for 25 years and above.
Photo credit: The Post; Talba Malla (L) welcoming Minister Owona

While decoration the 109 recipients, Minister Owona said, “labour medals … calls for more responsibility and, even, more effort. Do not sleep on Your laurels. You should be models.”

He congratulated the recipients and the entire SONARA workforce, and urge them to understand that “the wellbeing of all Cameroonians is one of the major pre-occupation of the Head of State, and he has reaffirmed his willingness to extend social securuty to a grater number of Cameroonians with SONARA workers included”.

Photo credit: The Post; SONARA Communication Boss Blaisius Ngome (L) 

The Minister went on to salute the SONARA management for their daily efforts at making life better for the SONARA workers saying : “I wish, in one word, to say continue”.

Cameroon News: Charles Metouck At Kondengui prison

The former General Manager of SONARA, who was recently slammed nine years by Limbe High Court was under Questioning at the Special Criminal Court on Wednesday 7th May for alleged corruption charges.  He has been kept in custody at the Kondengui Central Prison.
Source: Cameroon Tribune

Cameroon News: A high school principal detained for child theft

School Principal Detained For Child Theft
On Friday May 10th  at Mount Mary Health Centre Buea, Mrs Ngwe and her sister were arrested after  persistent cries of about a week old baby caused a stir.

Apparently the lady involved in this horrendous crime went to the hospital like every nursing mother does. While there, her baby cried endlessly, but to everyone surprise present there (nurses and other mothers), she was unable to calm down the baby as well as breastfeed. According to The POST (13 April 2013), when asked why she will not breastfeed her baby, she reportedly said her breast milk wasn’t flowing. As obvious, this raised suspicion, causing the administration of the Centre to alert the local police which eventually led to her arrest. 
Following a visit by a reporter from the The POST to the Buea Central Police Station the next day, it was learnt that the sister was released on the instructions of the State Counsel. But, any access to the real suspect Mrs Ngwe was denied.
According to The Post, this principal abandoned her duty at the high school under the pretence of a maternity leave. Also, while in school, she was seen wearing dresses showing her pregnancy. She left Nkambe town by night and as such, her where about still remains unknown to the school and her local community. 
As of now, no sign of the baby’s real mother  has been confirmed. Hope she is finally reunited with her baby….

Cameroon’s External Relations Minister is on a special visit to Brazil

Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations, Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo is on an official visit to the Federative Republic of Brazil on the instructions of the head of State, Paul Biya. Mr Moukoko Mbonjo was programmed to meet his Braxilian counterpart, Antonio Patriota, on May 9th as well as the Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Emilio Garofalo Filho. He was expected to hold talks  on April 10th with the Director of International Affairs of the National Economic and Socia; Development Bank, Luiz Eduardo Melin and the President of the federation of State Industries for Rio de Janei-ro, Eduardo Eugenio Gouvea Viera. 

Nigeria News: At least 60 people were killed in Borno and Nasarawa States by armed men.

Kimeng Hilton Ndukong with press report

Over 60 people were on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 killed in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno and the central Nasarawa States respectively in an attack by heavily armed Boko Haram militants and ambush by local cult menbers.
A total of 47 people were killed in Bama in Boro State in coordinated attacks on military, security and prison facilities by Boko Haram militants, The Guardian newspaper of Nigerial reported. Disclosing the    casualty fifure in the capital, Abuja, on Wednesday , May 8, 2013, the director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, said Boko Haram gunmen stormed Bama at about 5. 10 pm , dressed in military fatigues. They then attacked the 202 Army Battalion Barracks with Rocket-propelled Grenades, general purpose machine guns, bombs, an 18 seater bus and six Hilux pick-up vehicles fitted with anti-aircraft guns. Though the assault o the army barracks. Local Government Secretariat, Electoral Office , a Magistrate’s Court and primary school were burnt by the terrorists. About 105 inmates were set free from Bama Prisons while those killed included 21 Boko Haram fighters, six jpolice officers, 14 prison officials, two soldiers and four civilians. 
Similarly, 20 policemen were killed in the central State of Nasarawa on May 7, 2013 in an ambush by Ombatse cult members. Nigerian Tribune cited Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Al-Makura as saying the ambush took place at alakyo village in Lafia East Development Area, abjout 10 km from Lafia, the state capital, as the detachment of mobile policemen was going to arrest the cult leader in his shrine. 
A spokesmen for Nasarawa State Government, Sani Musa Mairiga, told BBC that cult menbers had beed forcing local Eggon people to swear an oath of allegiance to the group. Nasarawa State Police Chief , Abayomi Akaremale, said about 60 police officers came under attack and that 17 were still missing. Nigeran JTrubune however gathered that jover 98 people were reportedly killed by the outlawed Ombatse group whose members are said to use juju to protect thenselves. Some 55 mobile policemen and eight Ombatse members reportedlu died in the gun duel. 
Source credit: Cameroon Tribune (10th May 2013)

Jean Mbei Nje: finally elected Littoral Regional Ligue President after a troublesome process

Despite the fact that the second assistant to the Mfoundi Senior Divisional Officer, Mireille Noah Ossegue, had declare the meeting illegal, delegates of the Litoral Regional League of FECAFOOT went ahead to conduct elections. In the elections, which were conducted in less than thirty minutes, the former president of the Sanaga Maritime divisional league of FECAFOOT, JEAN MBEI NJE was elected president. He scored 60 on votes from an electoral college of 72 people, the other party having boycotted.
The election was marred by violence causing the elective assembly to be moved from Douala to Yaounde. In Yaounde there was a heavy police presence that contained the violence that erupted. the troubled elections in the Douala Regional League calls to mind the elections in Garoua which will have to be repeated as the president of Etoile Filante of Faroua, and candidate for the position of regional president, Abdou Ramane Abdou was barred from entering the hall. 
Trouble also erupted during the election exercise in the South Region and for security reasons, the elections have been moved from Ebolowa to Yaounde today at the conference hall of the headquarters of the federation. Elections this year have been very heated in FECAFOOT  as some people try to change the established order. The elections which began at the divisional level before moving to the regional level are in prelude to the election of the national president which will take place on May 25.


Source credit to: Fred Vubem Toh (Cameroonn Tribune) 10th 0f April 2013.