Cameroon News: A high school principal detained for child theft

School Principal Detained For Child Theft
On Friday May 10th  at Mount Mary Health Centre Buea, Mrs Ngwe and her sister were arrested after  persistent cries of about a week old baby caused a stir.

Apparently the lady involved in this horrendous crime went to the hospital like every nursing mother does. While there, her baby cried endlessly, but to everyone surprise present there (nurses and other mothers), she was unable to calm down the baby as well as breastfeed. According to The POST (13 April 2013), when asked why she will not breastfeed her baby, she reportedly said her breast milk wasn’t flowing. As obvious, this raised suspicion, causing the administration of the Centre to alert the local police which eventually led to her arrest. 
Following a visit by a reporter from the The POST to the Buea Central Police Station the next day, it was learnt that the sister was released on the instructions of the State Counsel. But, any access to the real suspect Mrs Ngwe was denied.
According to The Post, this principal abandoned her duty at the high school under the pretence of a maternity leave. Also, while in school, she was seen wearing dresses showing her pregnancy. She left Nkambe town by night and as such, her where about still remains unknown to the school and her local community. 
As of now, no sign of the baby’s real mother  has been confirmed. Hope she is finally reunited with her baby….

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