Actor Alenne Menget Interview: Cameroon Academy Awards (SONNAH Awards 2013)

Actor Alenne Menget: Journalist by proffession, was a winner for best supporting actor with his role in FAR at the SONNAH award 2013. Far is a movie directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka, with renowned and talented actors starring in it like Jim Iyke, Dakore Akande, Merlisa Determined, Epule Jeffery, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Libota McDonald, Solange Ojong , Kang Quintus, Pridine Fru, as well as the new Mercy Etta.

Winner Alenne Menget made a stop by Empower Success in Africa’s Camera at the event. Equally answering questions like other celebrities, he shared his joy as a winner of the prestigious award and what it meant to him for the furure. Cameroon ‘s first academy awards was hosted at the Hilton Hotel, Yaounde on the 29th of December 2013.


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