Efemi Kwenti Muna, the only son of the Cameroon’s Minister of Art and Culture was finally put to rest

After the uncertainty surrounding the identity of victims of traffic accident that occurred on the morning of Saturday, February 8, 2014 on the axis Yaounde – Soa , the mystery is now up on the names of casualties.
The Minister of Arts and Culture finally was declared to have lost her only son in a tragic traffic accident which occurred on the night of 7 to 8 February 2014 on the road Yaounde – Soa . police say, it was after a night out that the tragedy occurred , endangering the lives of five young and vibrante adults in a vehicle Mercedes ML 367 registered EC FA .
Efemi Kwenti Muna and two other youth, appointed Mekok Kafanish William Alexander 25, and Wong Abath Florentin 31 years, died on the spot. The other two , the driver and a young girl were transported to a hospital emergency room .
Ofcourse, the most famous of all is the young student  Efemi Kwenti Muna, because of the high profile positions held by his parent in the government of the Republic of Cameroon .
Concordant testimonies from family and friends ,who call him  ” Fremy ” his first name , described him as a humble boy, deleted and respectful. He leaves an orphan , a five months male.

So who is the real father of Efemi Kwenti Muna? 
Solomon Tande Muna? the former President of the National Assembly and Vice-President of Cameroon or it is the Cameroonian business man Mokam Michel or rather Mokam Pascal? So many remarks about this issue seem to be leading before the funeral.
On its national identity card recovered by investigators of the National Gendarmerie , they discovered that the little son of Solomon Tande Muna , former President of the National Assembly and Vice-President of Cameroon , was born 27 years ago in Douala. However, Father’s name  on the NIC is written as NPD that is ” Father not stated.” An entry used by the administration to mean the absence for various reasons the identity of the father of the child during registration.

“I do not know why the card is ” PND “because I know he is the son of the  Cameroon business man  Monkam Pascal” said a relative of the family Muna .

Remarks that seems to corroborate the official program of the funeral . You can read the name of Michel Mokam presented as the father of the deceased.
Efemi Kwenti Muna was buried on Friday, February 14, 2014 in the village Ngyen – Mbo , in the department of Momo, the Northwest region . It was an epilogue funeral which started  this Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by a great evening at the home of Mrs. Ama Tutu Muna headquarters building behind CNPS .

National identity card Ama Tutu Muna ‘s son says the folowings: 

Name: Efemi Kwenti
Name: Muna
Born: 05/03/1987
A: Douala
Father : NPD
Mother, Ama Tutu Muna
Occupation : Student
Address: Racecourse
Size: 1.76M
Gender: M

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