Another UAE visit

Lots of interesting post and empowering stories on my return please. Pleading to pardon my silence.

Picture of Cameroon’s most talented celebrity photographer and I at the Fredash International Fashion Show Buea

The best talented celebrity producer and photographer in Cameroon posing with me at the Fredash international fashion show Buea; which took place on Saturday 12 April 2014. I was honoured and humbled to finally meet the man who single handedly made a name and reputation through hard work. You are more than a Pro my dear Penjo Baba. Much respect in what you do.

Picture of Cameroonian celebrity Alenne Menget and I at the Fredash International Fashion show Buea

Well well, am I not blessed? yes I am!!!, hanging around famous people is one thing less, but hanging around talented and hard working people is more that a plus. So I am a plus Nadine today after meeting this honourable man full of integrity and self respect. Alenne Menget Ats is the most respected and talented man who built a reputation and celebrity status from being a true and professional journalist in Cameroon. Though an actor by passion which has earned him many awards, he makes his money from journalism. Through hard work and his innovative skills, Alenne Menget is now the CEO of Cameroon’s first online TV called Gtv (pictures of The Gtv studio Buea coming very soon), and has many online documentaries published on you tube with more than 300 000 views each; yes that is right..! this man is a true fighter despite every challenge encountered in the Cameroon desperate economic environment, Alenne Menget has risen above and is well on the way to signing bigger deals in with big Cameroon TV stations (details still remain a secret). It was an honour meeting you professionally Alenne. Good job and many more blessings.

The BIG EARTH AWARDS News conference took place yesterday morning

All Photo Credit: Alenne Menget

The big  Big Earth Awards news conference took place yesterday Monday  7th April, 11 am at the British Language institute Akwa. It was a panel of four peoples: Emmanuel (the moderator),  Ojong Solange (the president) and Nadine Tonguem (Inspired humanitarian activist and blogger).

Before I go further, I will love to urge you all in joining this train waggon in support of The Big Earth Award for the forgotten. Our Cameroon labour force  is dominated by the informal sector making up to 80% of the total labour force. This is huge…! but what is alarming here is, these people who contribute so much to the economic are most ofter forgotten due the type of degrading jobs they have do to feed their families. 

The people in this sector have one thing only in their mind: that is providing three square meals to their children, but little do they know they contribute to the bigger society . This is where the BIG EARTH AWARDS  comes in. It empowers them. Makes them recognise they are leaders in their own right. 

From left to right: Nadine Tonguem, Ojong Solange, and the main brain behind it all Mr Thomas Ayuck Fotang 
This award is for the truck pusher, the call box owner, the fish roaster and even mortuary assistant. Yes it is indeed for the stigmatised jobs in our society. This people are often given training and aided in raising funds to increase their capital. 
As celebrity actress  Ojong Solange, President of the BIG EARTH AWARDS  committee stated at the News Conference, “This  Big Earth Awards is not to take the truck pusher off his job. No!!! we need them in our society”. What this does is to make them better truck pushers with plenty selfesteen”. Self esteem is sure one thing we can’t buy .
The aim of this news conference was to emphasis the awards name change from My Big 8 Awards to now BIG EARTH AWARDS. This name change comes as a result of its expansion mission from 8 awards to more than 20 awards given this year to people from different regions of Cameroon. Also the theme of this awards event needed to be emphasised “striving for emergence” Our nation’s objective is to be emergent at horizon year 2035. How do we achieve such if we don’t start from the informal sector. These peoples need to be empowered now than ever. 
Thanks to Thomas Ayuk Fotang Alias Pa Tom (the man behind it all) for this great initiative. Thanks to Celebrity actress Solange Ojong for her passion towards this project and for lending her time, voice and face in making sure the forgotten of our society are remembered always. She is a woman with a great heart. God bless the Big Earth Award Team as a whole.

Journalist and Celebrity actor Alenne Menget in the middle, Solange Ojong on the far right and Nadine Toguem far left. Posing for picture right after The Big Earth Awards News conference
Mr Ayuk Thomas Fotang; CEO founder of Big Earth Awards And the Grass to Grace foundation talking to the media right after the Big Earth Awards News conference

Minister Louis Bapes Bapes graces headline news again

Picture of Minister Louis Bapes Bapes leaving jail
 Like I said in my previous post, Louis Bapes Bapes is the first ever sitting Minister to be taken to custody since the beginning of the Sparrow Hawk operation . According to Cameroon media, he is now known to be the first ever suspect not only to to be charged, placed in custody at the Kondengui prison but also to be released twenty-four hours later. This sudden and abrupt released did not only surprised many but generated many questions.
Wednesday 2nd April 2014, the Minister of Secondary Education: Louis Bapes Bapes resumed work looking very serene but made no declaration yet.
However, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma in a brief declaration, stated that the embezzlement case against the Minister of Secondary Education has not been dropped. He will still be required to answer questions but not from the Kondengui prison. 
He also added that, the short detention and eventual release is within the confines of the law. And that competent authorities of the Special Criminal Court have the prerogative to detain and release a suspect whenever they think it is necessary.