Minister Louis Bapes Bapes graces headline news again

Picture of Minister Louis Bapes Bapes leaving jail
 Like I said in my previous post, Louis Bapes Bapes is the first ever sitting Minister to be taken to custody since the beginning of the Sparrow Hawk operation . According to Cameroon media, he is now known to be the first ever suspect not only to to be charged, placed in custody at the Kondengui prison but also to be released twenty-four hours later. This sudden and abrupt released did not only surprised many but generated many questions.
Wednesday 2nd April 2014, the Minister of Secondary Education: Louis Bapes Bapes resumed work looking very serene but made no declaration yet.
However, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma in a brief declaration, stated that the embezzlement case against the Minister of Secondary Education has not been dropped. He will still be required to answer questions but not from the Kondengui prison. 
He also added that, the short detention and eventual release is within the confines of the law. And that competent authorities of the Special Criminal Court have the prerogative to detain and release a suspect whenever they think it is necessary.

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