Picture of Cameroonian celebrity Alenne Menget and I at the Fredash International Fashion show Buea

Well well, am I not blessed? yes I am!!!, hanging around famous people is one thing less, but hanging around talented and hard working people is more that a plus. So I am a plus Nadine today after meeting this honourable man full of integrity and self respect. Alenne Menget Ats is the most respected and talented man who built a reputation and celebrity status from being a true and professional journalist in Cameroon. Though an actor by passion which has earned him many awards, he makes his money from journalism. Through hard work and his innovative skills, Alenne Menget is now the CEO of Cameroon’s first online TV called Gtv (pictures of The Gtv studio Buea coming very soon), and has many online documentaries published on you tube with more than 300 000 views each; yes that is right..! this man is a true fighter despite every challenge encountered in the Cameroon desperate economic environment, Alenne Menget has risen above and is well on the way to signing bigger deals in with big Cameroon TV stations (details still remain a secret). It was an honour meeting you professionally Alenne. Good job and many more blessings.

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