Afrique Media continues with its war to maintain a pan-Africanist television

OMG were is that democracy the westerners keep promoting??!!, and where is the freedom of press? what is going on here; this recent development of Afrique Media is chocking me to dead . I am soo tire of this whole ambiguous-democratic system.
In recent days, the independent television channel Afrique Media is leading a true battle to keep its broadcasts in the face of the attempted closure of the satellite space announced by its provider, Canal+Africa. The closure of the broadcast has caused endless protests, including that of the African Press Association, which accuses the French multinational of wanting to destroy the independent voice of Afrique Media. The network will continue to broadcast through other satellite signals.
The Afrique Media channel has created an important niche for itself among the audience due to its daring programming and its clearly pan-Africanist discourse. In its usual contents are debates on the current affairs of the continent, very critical of the colonial policy in general, but especially with the French colonial policy.

Sitya Loss – Eddy Kenzo [Official Video] 2014

Africa can’t just get enough of Eddy Kenzo from Uganda. I just love the authenticity of the video…this video as you can see is low budget; but boy it works!!!!!. The fun people featuring in it are having is just priceless. 
His new single Sitya Loss is no news toping all chats. Here are some words of appreciation from Eddy to his fans 
“I have the greatest fans in the world. Thank you all for making Sitya Loss the hit that it has become. It is truly an honor to see how much joy my song has brought to different people around the world. This is only the beginning, with your continued support more people can experience a taste of what East Africa has to offer. Keep sharing, singing, and dancing. 
We love you Eddy

Deputy prime minister’s wife was abducted in Cameroon by Boko Haram

Please Bomo Haram leave my country alone..we do not want war here. 
According to BBC report today, the Cameroon’s deputy prime minister’s wife was abducted on Sunday, by suspected militants. As a result, Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has sacked two senior army officers at the forefront of the battle against militant Islamist group Boko Haram and has also stepped up its border security.

The BBC’s respondent Muhaman Babalala in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde, says all this cases of abductions shows a clear lapse in security at the boarders. Which is why the government has decided to sack these officers. 

I beg oooo please!!!! what ever ‘règlement de compte’ exist please do them in your circle as you are doing right now; just leave innocent citizens alone.

Cameroon is furious and fearful over Boko Haram infiltration

Recently a group of young men dressed in their Sunday best crosses from Nigeria into northern Cameroon, singing wedding songs in the back of a van. The border authorities let them pass, assuming they are attending a family celebration. 
Hours later, the officials realize they made a big mistake. The men turn out to be fighters for the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. 
They attack the small northern town of Kaele, killing dozens of people. This year alone, Nigeria’s Boko Haram has launched more than 15 attacks in northern Cameroon, razing villages, looting homes and causing many civilian deaths. 
Attempts by Nigerian soldiers to crack down on the group has resulted primarily in the insurgents being pushed back to border areas and into Cameroon. Once across the border, Nigeria’s military can no longer pursue them. 
“The threat is increasing,” Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesman Didier Badjeck says. “We assume Boko Haram has between 15,000 and 20,000 men in the border region. They have a lot of capacity.” Residents of northern Cameroon, which used to be an area of stability in conflict-ridden Central and West Africa, now live in fear. 
“Cameroon doesn’t believe Nigeria’s government has the willingness or the capacity to halt Boko Haram,” says Joseph Ntuda Ebode, a political analyst at the University of Yaounde. 
Because Boko Haram fighters are often reported to be wearing Nigerian army uniforms during attacks, Cameroonian authorities assume “complicity at a very high level in Nigeria’s government or military,” Ntuda Ebode says. 
Residents know their army struggles to secure the nation’s long and porous border with Nigeria, which runs more than 2,000 kilometres from Lake Chad along Nigeria’s Borno and Adamawa states – two of the regions worst hit by Boko Haram violence – all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. 
Boko Haram’s infiltration began with the kidnapping of a French family in northern Cameroon in 2013, followed by the abduction of three foreign priests and a nun in the past 18 months. When attacks became much more frequent and took place deeper inland this year, up to 100 kilometres from the border, alarm bells began to ring in Cameroon. 
The government realized the group was trying to create a base for its fighters and weapons in Cameroon. 
There are also reports that Boko Haram is recruiting young Cameroonians into its ranks. President Paul Biya reacted by declaring “war on Boko Haram,” signaling his doubts that Nigeria will manage to halt the insurgents. 
“The public enemy Boko Haram has remained a permanent threat to peace and security,” Biya says. The president created two new military brigades of 1,000 men each, who have been permanently based in the Far North region. Key border points are now protected by tanks. 
In addition, an undisclosed number of special forces trained in counterterrorism have been sent north as well as a battalion of special air, water and reconnaissance troops. “This way, we make sure we can be anywhere within 10 minutes,” Colonel Badjeck says. 
“If Boko Haram is trying to make Cameroon its base, they will fail.” He said the military has killed about 100 militants in clashes this year and a few soldiers have also died. 
But because the north is highly populated – almost 6 million of the nation’s 21 million people live here – it remains difficult to monitor militant movements despite the presence of the extra troops. 
As a result, the local population is living in fear of attacks like one last month on the village of Gorsi Tourou. More than 300 heavily armed insurgents descended at dusk from forests onto the village, throwing grenades and spraying it with machine gun fire. Dozens of villagers were killed, according to local media reports. 
The militants looted homes and carried off money, food and other goods. Residents fled in panic, village chief Moussa Sambo says, adding that when Cameroonian soldiers arrived, the attackers disappeared into Nigerian territory. Tourists, the region’s main economic drivers, are heeding travel warnings and staying away. 
Waza National Park, known for its elephant safaris, is deserted. Aid and infrastructure projects have been put on hold. “Every day, Boko Haram members come into the villages, and, of course, everyone knows everything in a small village,” says Elias Atia, a taxi driver in Yaounde whose family lives near the northern town of Waza. 
“The villagers are caught in the middle,” Atia says. “They don’t want to report Boko Haram because they fear revenge.” 
There is another reason why locals, the majority of whom are Muslim, have been reluctant to cooperate with the military: Many of those living in the border regions of northern Cameroon and southern Nigeria are related and unwilling to give up family members.
The military, meanwhile, vows it will not tolerate those who protect Boko Haram. “If there is a pocket of support, we will bomb and burn it,” Badjeck says. “There is no democracy in terrorism.”
Source: The New Age

Eto’o sends his congratulations to Davido for his BET Awards win

It is no doubt to us that Eto’o Fils loves Nigerian music. Well on the 1st Jully 2014, Davido won the best Interntional Act of Africa at the BET Awards. So Eto’o send his encouragements by congratilating him on Twitter saying’ “Congrats to my lil Bro @iam_Davido for winning the “Best International Act Africa” at the 2014 @BETAwards!”

Cameroon Indomitable Lions’ Captain Samuel Eto’o is kissing goodbye to bachelorhood

Cameroon international and Indomitable Lions’ Captain Samuel Eto’o has decided on kissing bachelorhood goodbye by proposing to long-time girlfriend and mother of two of his children Tra Lou Georgette, according to sources close to the lady’s family in Ivory Coast. 

The 33-year-old Eto’o, Geogette and their two children arrived in Abidjan last weekend for a brief engagement ceremony, during which Eto’o offered a diamond ring worth €500,000 to his wife to be, who has spent nine years with him, Supersport reported.
The reputable sports website said no date for the official wedding was given by representatives of the couple, but a family member of Geogette said the public would be notified soon. Eto’o and Georgette have been married traditionally since 2007 but are yet to hold a white wedding. 
This is not the first time the Cameroon captain is offering costly jewellery to his sweetheart, in 2008; he gave her as a birthday gift a set of necklaces worth €152,500. 
Cameroonians have received the news with mixed reactions. “Congrats Eto’o, but know that with a foreign wife your influence within Cameroon and especially within the government will be severely restricted as you would be viewed with suspicion. We all know how much a wife can influence one’s perception and allegiance,” a fan said. 
However, most supporters of the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Africa Cup of Nations with 18 goals and Cameroon’s all-time leading scorer have simply been wishing him a successful family as he prepares to embrace marriage life.

Battling the Fiscality presures of Cameroon tax system

M. Tchendjou; General county president of SYCODEW
During a seminar held on Friday 20th of Juin 2014 in Douala, SYCODEW members who are all traders from both the formal and informal sector were sensitized on the benefits of adhering to a (centres de gestion agréés ) CGA for managing their taxes. This was an initiative of Pierre WANSSY firm and associates. This seminar recieved te support and the participation of Chartered Accountants Without Borders from France. 
 For two hours, retailers traders of Wouri under SYCODEW forgeot about their everyday routine substituting with seminar experience; they all had shirts and pen in hand,  they took notes and asked various questions that were of interest to their segments. Under the leadership pannel we had: Dr. Peter Wanssy; owner of the (centres de gestion agréés) CGA and of  Pierre WANSSY firm and associates,  M. Tchendjou; General president of SYCODEW , and two members of accountants without border from France.

Pierre WANSSY, Chartered Accountant
This is one of the first financial reforms of 2010. Approved management centers (CGA) are associations of businesses by industry. History tells us that there are four approved management centers in Cameroon. According to the explanations of Dr. Pierre Wanssy, only registered professional tax, accounting, economic or consular chambers, offices and office holders, trade associations, farmers, artisans or industrial legally constituted are entitled to their creation. 
The beneficiaries are individuals or legal entities with an annual turnover exceeding 250 million F CFA. Previously, the company must register by paying a membership fee payable once at registration and must not exceed 25% of the annual contribution set under the tax scheme. Therefore, the member of CGA are entitled to a certificate of registration, a permanent administrative assistance in matters of management, accounting and keeping financial records and income tax benefits. It is these lessons that traders and retailers of Wouri were fed with that Friday, June 20, 2014.

In the opinion of Mr. Tchendjou the County General Chairman of SYCODEW, all these lessons were inspiring, and it is now upto them to organize themselves in order to enroll in the center accounting for the smooth running of their fiscal activities.