Breaking news: Missing 17 suspected Ebola patients have been found.

Thanking God as missing suspected Ebola patients were found.
People who were being screened for Ebola when they fled a health center during looting have turned themselves into a hospital, a Liberian official said Today.
As pointed out yesterday, the patients fled when an Ebola holding facility was ransacked in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, on Saturday night, raising fears that the deadly virus might spread into the densely populated slum surrounding it. Information Minister Lewis Brown said today that the last 17 people who were missing have now turned themselves in to a treatment center at a major hospital in the capital.
It was also confirmed that people who fled have not yet been confirmed to have Ebola; and that they were in the holding center because they were at risk of having the disease. Mr Brown said they are now being tested.
“They were traced and finally they turned themselves in at the JFK” hospital, Brown told The Associated Press.
Eventhough this is good news, there is still fear that the desease may have been spread during their escape and also the fact that, residents of the West Point slum stole bloody sheets and mattresses during the looting. It is still not clear where those items are.
This raid has certainly been a huge setback in the struggle to contain the outbreak.

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