Can you believe this??!! The Safest New York City yellow taxi driver is Ghanaian…!!

Do you know New York City’s safest yellow taxi driver is a Ghanaian…??? yes he is. Meet Mr. Amoafo, father of three, is indeed New York City’s safest yellow taxi driver. The driver who was crowned the city’s safest cabbie is said to listens to soothing jazz as he dodges pedestrians, cyclists and other cars. 
Mr. Amoafo, who lives in Queens, found himself ranked highest among his peers on Tuesday for driving the longest distance without injuring passengers in crashes, and without incurring the wrath of authorities.
The Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates yellow taxis and other for-hire vehicles, said Mr. Amoafo had driven at least 50,000 passengers more than 190,000 miles without a blemish on his record.
The taxi commission released, for the first time on Tuesday, what it called its “Safety Honor Roll,” as a way to draw attention to safe driving. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration aims to curtail traffic deaths as part of its so-called Vision Zero plan.
Go Ghana….!!! ;_)

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