Thank you for visiting! This blog is dedicated to all those who have interest in African entertainment, culture, celebrities, life style and how this can be used to empower further success.

 Africa has much more than depressing limitations often talked about in the media. The fact that most Africans look up to their celebrities to model the way, makes it encouraging talking about them, their talent, service to their community, and their struggles to succeed in this desperate environment, despite all short commings. Such should give hope, aspire and empowering to the young generation to hope and strive for success whatever the circumstances.

It is evident most African countries cannot control their governance system, but the people can start by changing themselves; starting from the core – their mentality. In the filming of Half the Sky, six recognizable, daring American female actresses stepped out of their comfort zones to understand about the conditions under which hundreds of millions of women worldwide live, learn, work, give birth, and die. These celebrities capitalized on their empowered status to help teach us about the harsh realities facing women and girls around the globe. Despite the hash economic conditions of the underdeveloped zones, African celebrities should in their own way do the same.

This blog will therefore address from time to time what celebrities have done so far and how they can  further raise awareness on some issues that plague African countries.

Hope you all join in to share and discuss many of your knowledge on the extraordinary aspects of Africa – be it in entertainment, political, economical, humanitarian and even technological progresses.

Hope you enjoy the blog, and that you find useful information within its posts.


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