True: Beyonce shows some love to Nikki with a gift at her dressing room.

MTV VMA: Beyonce shows some love to Nikki Minaj by paying a suprise visit in her dressing room with a diamond-laced “Flawless” necklaces. Nikki could not hold back the joy as she shared a picture of the gift from big sister Bey on her Instagram saying Beyoncé personally brought it to her dressing room during the show.

Happy Labour day

Happy Labour day…!!! Even though your fear is 100% depending on you for its survival, your hard work is what makes our World the best! Labour Day is remembering those who have given their time, best efforts and worked hard in their lives for this blessed planet. 

As you enjoy this day, please remember, you are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making. Happy Labour Day to you all my dear friends, again welcome to all new friends. Stay empowered and blessed. Much love Nadine M. Tonguem

Beyonce’s brother was photographed going to a homeless shelter

OMG Matthew Knowles’ baby mama Alexandra was photographed with her son on their way to a homeless shelter yesterday. This picture was exclusively obtained by In Touch magazine showing the woman crying as her 3 year old son consoles her.
Well i am begining to wonder at this women by noe and she is really begining to get on people’s nerves. Does it mean she can’t provide a home for her child without the Beyonce or Matthew Knowles’s help? I dont get this..!! All indications she is a goal digger and was from the word go. I dont mean to be incensitive here but if I am pardon me….

A Homeless mom was jailed for leaving her kids in car to go on job interview.

Holy Merry mother of Christ…..!! A Homeless single mom was jailed for leaving her kids in car to go on job interview. Shanesha Taylor is a 35 year old single mum leaves her two sons, a 2 year old and 6 month old. Taylor is still in jail while her children remain in protective custody. My question is? Was she really wrong to leave her kids in the car to go look for a job? After all she is homeless right…? Any psychologist amoung us…or rather behaviour analyst? reports…

The Scottsdale, Ariz. native was arrested after she left her young sons in a hot SUV that was locked with the windows cracked as she went for a job interview at an insurance company. A passerby heard Taylor’s youngest child crying and called police. When they arrived, Taylor returned to her car 45 minutes after police got to the scene, and when police arrested her, the two boys were reportedly “crying and sweating profusely.” Taylor told police that she was homeless and needed the work, and because she couldn’t find someone to watch her kids, she had to take them with her. This event occurred on March 20.
The response to her story has been split, with some people saying that while she did make a mistake, she was simply trying to find work to feed her kids. Others say, she left two kids in a hot car, it’s wrong, dangerous, and she should have known better. Well, those in support of Taylor have actually set up a fundraising campaign on to help raise money for Taylor and her kids, who are in the custody of Child Protective Services at this time as she awaits charges. The goal was only $9,000, which according to the person who set up the fundraising campaign, Amanda Bishop, would be put into an account for her family. However, the fundraiser has brought in a whopping $63,000.