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As per human right i have the obligation to shed light on my continent Africa. It is my duty to show and tell the world what the media is unable to. Africa is richer than any other continent in the world.Our nations need much more than just aids view the fact that, it never reaches the people in real time. We need empowering and urgent mental chance. Only such will propel us into this new era of globalization. Africa isn’t just rich in raw materials and mineral resources, it is also rich in willingness. People are willing to learn, work, and get educated. The purpose of this page is to shed light on the beauty and richness of Africa which is often not talked about in the Diaspora’s media.

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Ms Dlamini-Zuma is the first woman to hold a major post! post

Ms Dlamini-Zuma is the first woman and the first southern African to hold the post of South Africa’s minister for home affairs. She was elected on July 15th to run the commission of the African Union (AU), having eventually won the approval of 37 out of the AU’s 54 countries. She is a polished performer on the international stage. And her appointment could not have happened at the right time this period view the fact that,  the organisation failed earlier this year to pick a successor to Jean Ping, a Gabonese former foreign minister of part-Chinese descent who has run the AU since 2008.

Ms Dlamini-Zuma, who is 63, has been a minister in South Africa since the advent of majority rule in 1994. Her record is free of scandal or corruption. As the first black health minister under Nelson Mandela, she was criticised for endorsing a “miracle” cure for HIV/AIDS and for purging the drug-control agency when it protested. From 1999, as foreign minister for a decade, she won plaudits, proving adept at the sort of diplomatic wrangling that her new post will entail. As home-affairs minister since 2009, she is also widely said to have done a good job.

Circumstition on young girls in Africa raises concern!

Hundreds of Muslims and Jews marched side by side along the streets of Berlin in protest of  circumcision to be carried out in a sterile environment, with “as little pain as possible” (assumed to mean with local anaesthesia) and only with both parents’ consent. For both faiths, that was an attack on religious freedom.
The merits and costs of circumcision in women  has also been a big issue in Africa and is under scrutiny as never before, by human-rights activists and health professionals. Why is such  ritual on young girls circumcision not banned? who should be blamed ? culture, authorities or selfishness?

A female robber stripped naked in Abuja

A female robber who is also the leader of a gang of robbers was nabbed and stripped naked by a mob in Abuja while she and her gang were trying to rob another woman. Luck ran out of her as onlookers swooped down on them and vented jungle justice.

Among the team of five, she was the only one who was captured as the others were able to escape.Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny were loads of ATM cards, Passports of various persons, her bag contained “many phone” an eyewitness said. This incident happened at the AREA 11 TRAFFIC LIGHT where they were held by traffic as they were been chased. It happend today, at about 2:00pm.

Is Sheikh Mohamud taking the toughest job in world?

Is Sheikh Mohamud taking the toughest job in world? Somalia gets a new president as its parliament elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the new leader for the African nation on Monday.


Mohamud thanked the new parliament for electing him as the nation’s leader and asked the Somali people to collaborate with him to restore the country.
Last year, he founded a new political party in Somalia named Peace and Development. Before that he taught locally as a professor, including at the Somali Institute of Management and Administration Development, which he helped found in 1999 to train administrators and technicians to help rebuild Somalia.

Analysts said the Somali lawmakers voted for change by electing Mohamud and passing over Ahmed, whose government had faced accusations of wrongdoing.

Why do men seek afairs ?

According to Diane Neumann  (2001), Years ago, the rules within a marriage were different; easier, many would say husbands worked to support their family, and wives took care of the home and children. “Fulfilling yourself” was not a purpose of marital life. Today, however, we expect personal growth within marriage and companionship with our spouse, as well as meeting all the demands of our roles. Couples balance two careers, take care of their children and keep up with their home, and increasingly, care for aging parents. Women are still primarily responsible for children and most now work outside the home, while men are expected to be “sensitive” as well as a good breadwinner.  Even sex with a spouse has pressure-how often, how many, what kind of orgasm.

Many people seek an outlet for their pressures. The more athletically predisposed may join gyms and fitness centers, while others take classes or meditate and do yoga, and antidepressants, are hardly uncommon. Some people engage in behavior which ultimately adds to their troubles – drinking or drugging. And, some have an affair. (Diane Neumann, 2001).

All of us want to feel good about ourselves, and if you don’t feel that way, you may seek it from another person. Of course, you don’t “get” self-esteem by having someone give it to you, rather, self-esteem develops early in life and is shaped during your lifetime. But for the short-term, a lover makes you feel good about yourself. 
A lover often gives a person the courage to do something he or she couldn’t do alone, which is to ask their spouse for a divorce. Often, a person does not start out intending to have an affair. It may have been the furthest thing from their mind, but, once involved, they believe they can keep the affair in one little corner of their life. A person may feel they are not hurting anyone. An affair often enables the person to be more sexually adventurous and to express their sexuality – in ways not done with their spouse. The results are heady.
I’ve listed the primary reasons for having an affair, but keep in mind that some of the reasons exist simultaneously. In fact, rarely is there a single reason why a married person has an affair; rather, there’s a combination of reasons.
The Primary Reasons for an Affair
  1. Excitement
  2. Romantic Love
  3. Sex
  4. Mid-life Crisis
  5. Anger
  6. Escape
  7. Loneliness
  8. Obsession
  9. Soul mate
  10. Lesbian/Gay Orientation
By definition, affairs are exciting; a new lover’s desires, intense eye contact and lorry kisses, the secret meetings colored by the danger of getting caught. There affair is driven by a desire to put excitement and adventure into a life that feeling boring.
The marital relationship may not be the only reason for the boredom, but it’s an easy target. Boredom is likely caused by a number of things; work is tedious, the daily routine tiresome, and the spouse and, well, life, itself is too predictable. Rather than work on improving these, the affair brings excitement.
A search for love is the stereotypical reason many people believe a married woman has an affair, that she wants flowers sent to her when it isn’t her birthday or anniversary that she yearns for dinners in hide-a-way restaurants, and seeks meaningful glances and soft kisses. As a society, we believe in the power of romantic love, and this is true of men as is of women. After years of watching Casablanca, men and women long for the romance they see on the screen. An affair can be the spark of romantic love with another person.
3. SEX
Your fantasies come to life. The stereotypical reason people believe a married man has an affair is for sex; that a man wants more sex than his wife does, or more variety, that, biologically that men are sexually promiscuous. These attitudes ignore the behavior of many women.
Midlife is a time many seek “meaning” in their life. It’s not unheard of for that meaning to take the format of a lover. A married person experiencing a mid-life crisis wants change in their life, whether it’s a different life, a kind of life, or more out of their life. Some are simply unhappy with their life. You’ve heard the stories – middle aged man buys a little red sports car, a woman starting menopause dresses like her 15 year old daughter.
There are many ways that clients express anger. One client got back at his wife by having a affair because his wife had one. He was shocked when she asked for a divorce when she found out. Anger is such a common reaction for so many things that happen in a relationship. Sometimes anger is justified.
Married couples spend their free time together, which might be fine for one person, but the other spouse may feel suffocated. For that spouse, an affair provides an escape—gives someone an avenue to separateness.
Thelma and Louise may be dead, but in many hearts, they live on. For a married woman who feels trapped in her roles of wife and homemaker, the movie hit a nerve and, of course, there was an affair along the way. Years before and after Thelma and Louise, men escaped their married life by running into another woman’s arms.
I think this reason speaks for itself. Last winter, a client told me, “when I sit on the couch with my husband, I feel lonely, and yet he’s with me. I’d rather be all by myself, then it would make sense that I’m lonely”. Many men and women hope their spouse will take away their loneliness, and when that doesn’t happen, some end their loneliness with a lover.
Obsession is best described as an addiction to another person. For that man or woman, thoughts of their lover pervade virtually every hour of their life. They yearn to be with the object of their obsession though sometimes, the person isn’t their lover, and their unrequited love may create more of an obsession.
A soul mate is a person who so complements and shares your thoughts and worldview that you believe you were meant to be together. When someone finds a lover who understands them because they share so much and are so alike—it’s a powerful draw.
There are gay men and lesbians in heterosexual marriages. There are many reasons lesbians and gay men stay married, and some mirror the reasons that heterosexuals stay together: they want to keep their family intact, or don’t want to hurt their spouse. They have an affair because they want a sexual relationship with someone of their own gender, and most end up coming out, and divorce their spouse. (Diane Neumann, 2001)

Cameroonian Lapiro de Mbanga in exile to the United State of America ?

The Cameroonian singer and activist for Democratic change in Cameroon  Lapiro de Mbanga is been reported by many to be on exile to the United State of America early this September 2012.

The artist “in controversy” left Cameroon, September 2, 2012, along with much of his family. No information yet no formal filter on the reasons for his departure. But the information that is making waves in his native rural-urban the mid Department of Mungo is that he is  paying the price for his audacity to face and challenge the political and administrative authorities of the country and their clerks in the region with his song (which by many is considered to be a cry for change in the Cameroon political system).

Where is Human Right? Where is Freedom of speech for the Cameroonian citizens?