Lubricant or "Lube" lowers the risk of contracting HIV

According activists warning, while safer-sex messaging on condoms is universal, the generally poor availability of lubricants, and awareness of them, is hindering HIV prevention.
Some personal lubricant – or “lube”- has been shown to lower the risk of HIV transmission by decreasing the risk of condoms breaking.
Despite preliminary proof of lube’s efficacy, far less of the product is procured and distributed than condoms, leading people to use alternative, sometimes harmful, substances during intercourse such as butter or petroleum jelly; oil-based lubricants weaken latex, making the condom more likely to break. 
Activists say, however, that a blind spot in research on lubricants as a part of HIV prevention programmes means not enough is known about their impact on HIV risk.

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Human Parts Seller Arrested in Abeokuta

MEMBERS of the Oodua Peoples Congress, in Abeokuta, said they have arrested a suspected human parts seller, Yemi Odun, with some fresh human parts in Aro community, opposite Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta.

Odun, 24, was said to have been nabbed following a tip off by residents of the area who were said to be suspicious of his movement.
Speaking with Vanguard, the State Treasurer of OPC , Wahab Moruf, said nemesis caught up with the suspect, when the officials of the body stormed the hideout located within the community in an abandoned building where he allegedly carried out the operation in conjunction with some of his gang members who were said to be at large.
According to him, the suspect attempted to run away when we wanted to arrest him, but luck ran against him, and further search revealed a number of human bones and parts.
“The suspect and other members of the gang usually disguised as lunatics while committing the crime.
“That is the reason why the gang decided to have their hideout in the abandoned building which is adjacent to the Neuro-PsychiatricHospital
When Vanguard visited the Ogbe unit office of the OPC in Abeokuta, the suspect was found with exhibits comprising fresh and dried human bones.
The suspect on interrogation, said he was a bus conductor and only sleeps in the abandoned building.
However, as at the time of this report, authority of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, said the security agents had been contacted for onward transfer of the suspect.

First HIV vaccine trial in Mozambique

According to IRIN News, Mozambique has completed its first HIV vaccine trial and is set to embark on a second, a demonstration of the country’s increased HIV research capacity. This may just be the holly-grail Africa need; so help us God.. in this research.
This week, researchers at Mozambique’s Polana Cancio Centre for Research and Public Health completed a trial evaluating the safety of an HIV vaccine candidate. The study was conducted through the UK HIV Vaccine Consortium’s Tanzania and Mozambique HIV Vaccine Programme (TaMoVac). Preliminary results from the Phase I trial indicated the vaccine was safe, but researchers say it will be months before they know if the vaccine produced an immune response in participants. Click here to read more.